Attention: Please check our FAQs below before contacting us.

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If your broadband provider indicates you have an IP address in England but you are actually in Scotland, please proceed to purchase.

Once you have paid our system will check the City of purchase. In some cases the city may not be recognised, please contact us on the support chat bottom right.

Unfortunately due the the English block on Saturday afternoon streaming we have had to add additional checks. In some cases our database requires a simple update for a location. for example, your city location may be spelt "lanarrkshire."

Pay Per View (PPV) users require to register. You will now be asked to specify (and confirm) your own password. Once selected you will be registered and automatically logged in. You will then see the paypal button. You do not need an account with paypal but can pay directly with a debit/Credit card.

Please try and not mis-type your email address otherwise you will need to register again with your correct email. Your email may already be in our system, please request a new password and the use the Login link on our home page.

Season Ticket (ST) holders do not need to login. You require your Customer Number and postcode to access the stream. Check the FAQs for Season Ticket Holders. Where ST are not valid you will need to register and login as a Pay Per View (PPV) user.

We recently heard from some viewers about an issue with Privacy Badger (note we don`t have any knowledge of this).

one of the browser extensions I use - Privacy Badger - was preventing the video playing. Turned the extension off, and now the game is showing.

Yes. You can login and start viewing the match at any time until the end
of the event.

Yes our games are available to watch on demand after the game has finished, normally available from midnight on the website (for 48 or 72 hours).

This is the live recording of the match in some cases with pre-match entertainment. You can use the slider on the video to move past this if you have seen already.

Why is my password not working, I`ve used it all season.

Our platform is also used by a number of other SPFL clubs. Perhaps you requested a new password recently. You can use that password emailed to you recently or request a new password again.

Please check your junk/spam folder for the new password email.

if you registered and you are unable to login you may have mistyped your email or your password. Again, please request a new password. If your email is not recognised then contact online support who can check your registered details.

We normally stream about 30 (sometimes 45) minutes before kick-off .

We plan to have pre-match video and a half time video for you to watch.